BR-SV7P Trailer Kits Cable For Small Vehicle

BR-SV7P Trailer Kits Cable For Small Vehicle
Product Details

Trailer kits use for small vehicle combination, BR-SV7P

Backup camera trailer cable connector receptacle kit with 1AV input, for quick and easy connection to your rear view camera and monitor. Suitable for small trucks and Caravan quick connection.

Weather resistant locking cable connectors and spring loaded socket covers.

Spring connector cable  with 7 pin connector extends up to 4m.

Weather resistant locking 4 pin extension cables.15M cable with male 4P lock lead to camera. 5M cable with female 4P lock lead to monitor . Single cable carries power, ground and video wires. 4pin connector for connecting with monitor and camera.

Quality, waterproof Plug Socket For Plug & Unplug Security & Easily.

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Length:15M + 5M +  coiled cable 
Working length of the coiled cable: 3M 

Maximum length of the coiled cable: 4M

15M cable to camera, 
5M cable to monitor 
Waterproof plug 
7PIN connector

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