Commercial Vehicle Dash Camera BR-CRD02

Commercial Vehicle Dash Camera BR-CRD02
Product Details

1080P Front Rear view Commercial Vehicle Dash Camera with Lock GPS and Wifi Function

BR-CRD02 , our latest Commercial Vehicle Dash Camera with lock ,built in high quality GPS , high sensitive MIC ,wifi wireless connection ,app support ios/android system ,support front and rear 1080 video ,video will be wrote to the TF card  and CE,E-MARK approved


Product Specifications:

BR-CRD02 compatible with car charger and car power ,5-30V,Sony high -performance CMOS sensor image ,wide angle lens ,360 degree rotated .support 4-128G TF memory card , 2-CH Av output , camera with a lock to make it safer


Technical indicators

Parameter Description

Item No.BR-CRD02

Size / weight / color

L170mm*ø65mm / 120g / Black

Camera sensor

4M physical pixel CMOS image sensor, Seven groups of all-glass lens

Lens Angle

Diagonal:170°, Horizontal: 130 °, Vertical: 80 °

Rear: Depending on the input camera

Second camera

Support CVBS signal camera input


Built-in WIFI module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n, 2.412 GHz-2.4835 GHz)

Mobile terminal app

Dashguard (IOS V8.0 and above, Android V4.0 and above)


Normal recording (card capacity of 79%, this space is automatically deleted after the old file coexistence of new documents)

Event recording (20% of card capacity, G-Sensor, SOS button, alarm IN event triggered)

Parking guard recording (parking guard function is turned on, the vehicle vibration after flameout)

Sound recording

Built-in Microphone

Audio and video format

Video: H.264 video encoding / MOV format; audio: AAC

Storage media

TF high-speed memory card (maximum support 128G, make sure to use CLASS10 and above original genuine card)


Built-in speaker


Power button/camera button/emergency recording button

Reset button

Upgrade button (press the key to enter the upgrade mode when the power is turned off or the card is released)


2 LED(red、blue)


Built-in triaxial three-dimensional collision acceleration sensor


Built-in high-quality GPS, support PC-side player track playback


Connect the device’s WIFI, open the App or GPS to locate the automatic sync time

Super capacitor


Built-in super capacitor

(Only supply power by Cigar-Jack needed)

Parking guard

The recorder uses car power and turns on the parking guard after the flame, if the vibration automatically starts the video

Video output


language settings

English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, etc.

Take pictures

Support JPG format photo capture

Resolution / Bit rate / Frame rate

1920*1080 16M @30fps / 1280*720 12M @30fps

Note: resolution / frame rate / bit rate is currently only two of the default

Loop recording

Time 1, 2, 3 minutes optional

PC player

GVP Player


Upgrade interface

SD card upgrade (upgrade process power failure or return to the card cannot start, you need to press the upgrade button to enter the upgrade mode)

Communication Interface

Reserved UART / IR interface

HDMI interface

Reserved HDMI interface

Alarm I/O

Define input / output alarm line (active low)


With lock to protect card, tamper resistant


6V-30V car battery or car charger power

Static power consumption


Standby current

Less than 1mA

Note: the vehicle is off and after full charge (within 10 min)

Good performance temperature

-25 ° C to 65 ° C

Operating temperature

-40 ° C to + 75 ° C

storage temperature

-40 ° C to + 90 ° C


Button and Indicator light definitions

Power button: Long press the button to turn on it; Short press to take photo and long press to lock or unlock the current video when you boot up.

Reset button: Press Reset to restart the machine.

Upgrade button: This button does not need to be operated when the machine is upgraded normally, forced to press the upgrade button until you enter the upgrade mode (indicator light flashes) can be released.

Indicator light: The first red light flashes blue when upgrade, the red light is on and the blue light flashes when recording; the blue light is on and red light flashes when insert the card but no recording; Red light is flashing when no card is inserted;Red and blue lights flash alternately when event recording.




◆ When install the device first time or the power is cut off completely, the device will beep frequently to remind the user to synchronize the time. After the mobile terminal is connected to the recorder WIFI, open the Dashguard APP, the cellphone time will synchronize to the device automatically (Please make sure your cellphone time is accurate). Or when the device receives the GPS satellite information, it can also synchronize the time.

◆ The TF card should be FAT32 format before using. Usually if the TF card capacity is larger than 64GB, it's exFAT format.

When first time using a new TF card, must Format the card via the device, then the TF card can be used normally. (the recorder device will format the TF card to FAT32 directly)

◆ please make sure to use class10 or higher level famous brand TF card. If use poor quality TF card, it may cause recording or running problems, or even make the device crash.

◆ When upgrading, please make sure the TF card is FAT32 format and can be normal using, otherwise it cannot read the upgrade


◆ When upgrade complete, the machine needs to adjust the data and the boot time is longer at the first time.

◆ Do not format the TF card frequently, and replace the TF card after long use.

◆ Full HD video has a large amount of data, and the online playback needs to be buffered, especially if the playback buffer is more frequent in the state of video playback. Please download video for playback.

◆ The real-time preview of the mobile phone is based on WIFI wireless transmission, and the real-time preview of video will have some delay.

◆ In the process of machine video, please do not take out the card or it will cause damage or loss to the last video, or even damage the TF card.

◆ When turn off the car, the device is in charge, and the machine will completely standby within 10 minutes.

◆ Be sure to clean the car recorder lens and the front windscreen inside and outside to record better effects.

◆ This recorder can connect multiple phones, but only one mobile phone can preview/replay/download in real time at the same time.

◆ The files on the TF card are scrubbed and covered, the storage capacity is distributed in proportion, the default normal recording accounts for 79% of the card capacity, the event video accounts for 20% of the card capacity, and the photo accounts for 1% of the card's capacity. When normal recording space full of normal will delete the first video file, when the event space full of events will remove the earliest recorded video files, pictures space full of photos will delete the first file to keep the loop video. Therefore, please back up the important video and photo files in time to other storage media.

◆ The "Settings" -> "other" interface query the TF card can be used to record the remaining space for normal recording, the event recording residual space, and the sum of the remaining space of the shot photos.

◆ The machine is in the process of turning off the ACC when the fire is not turned on, it needs to be shut down before the fire can be turned on.

◆ The WIFI name and password can be modified. After modification, you need to reconnect. Please remember the WIFI password, otherwise you can only upgrade the machine software recovery network to the default mode.

◆ The GPS is placed in the shaft, if the front windshield has a metal membrane, it will affect the receiving GPS signal.

◆ Please contact the App within the range of WIFI, and it can be used normally within 10 meters of normal range.

◆ WIFI signal is vulnerable to Bluetooth interference, when the signal unstable, check the surrounding area for Bluetooth signal interference.

◆ short press reset button automatically restart, When the machine reset, it will break the power and may cause the file to be damaged or lost.

◆ Do not disassemble the machine, the shaft only can rotate.

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