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4G Dual-len Dash Cam With 1080P

Dec 16, 2020

CRD04 Dash Cam

BRvision releases 4G Dual-len Dash Cam with 1080P, image stabilization, and enhanced night vision.

The latest BRvision dashboard camera comes with high resolution video recording and connects to your Android or iPhone for settings control, viewing videos. This 4G dash camera is with dual-lens, which is 1080P view in the cab and 1080P view in the front.

Dashboard cameras are used to enhance safety, document accidents for liability and insurance purposes, and capture evidence of damage to your vehicle. The latest model from BRvision is the 4G dash camera called‘BR-CRD04,

The BRvision 4G Dash Cam launched this month in China and is now available from Alibaba,Globalsource and BRvision website for $200USD.

Also: On the road with the 4G dash cam: Clear video, driver assist, and smartphone control.

Several resolution recording options are available, including 4G at 30 fps.  Digital image stabilization is provided to help tamper down the impacts from potholes and dirt roads. There is even an extreme weather mode that attempts to provide clear images in all conditions.

Enhanced night vision is provided thanks to larger pixels in the camera lens and automatic brightness detection. 5GHz WiFi is provided, in addition to 2.4GHz, so you can make direct WiFi connections between the 4G dash cam and your connected smartphone.

An advanced safety mode, called G-sensor, which will detect a sudden change in direction. This could be caused by hard braking, impact from crashing, or even movement when stationary i.e. someone rocking the vehicle. When a dash camera detects this change in direction it will automatically switch to ‘event mode’ and save the current segment of footage in a protected section of memory. It tends to save footage from 10 seconds before an incident, through to a minute after. This ensures that the point of impact will be saved into memory for later retrieval.