Campus Security Monitoring System Solutions

Frist´╝îProgramme overview

In recent years, with the advancement of technology and the economic development of the whole society's living standards improve, campus has undergone great changes in the way of teaching, traditional hands-on teaching has been off the stage, instead of the quality of teaching, an outdoor teaching and multimedia teaching way as a result of school exam cheating behavior more and more subtle, cheating and technology, such as status, As exam to ensure every classroom can reduce management and ensure the examination room during the examination period can effectively invigilating candidates, and in peacetime as a multimedia classroom, school leaders can be carried out through a system of class teaching quality evaluation, building a multimedia closed circuit surveillance systems to monitor the school as a whole classroom is imperative. State Education Commission made it clear that the relevant documentation that provinces one after another in various primary and secondary schools in the Pro RC area developed unified set up closed-circuit television monitoring system. As Beijing's first compulsory local standard of the primary and middle schools and kindergartens security protection standard will be implemented on April 28, 2008. Standard mandatory for primary and secondary schools and kindergartens in the city perimeter of the main entrance (Gate) should be installed video surveillance equipment, and 24-hour video recording student dormitory corridor to install cameras to monitor, in order to ensure that law and order a variety of anomalies in real time evidence collection, review and achieved timely processing purposes. Reconstruction costs will be borne by the municipalities, districts and counties and schools.

According to the University's request, according to Philip Haifeng County High Tech Engineering Ltd many years of experience in the field of monitoring, closed-circuit television monitoring system consists of a front room camera equipment, transmission equipment and controls video equipment in the monitoring Center consists of three major parts. School led can at any time through front-end camera equipment monitored the classroom within of teaching status; system as Proctor using Shi, management personnel can at any time found examination room exception situation, and take necessary of measures, effective regulatory examination room cheat behavior, guarantee examination room discipline; and, superior competent led can through Internet Shang permission landing on each classroom for remote real-time monitoring; system can achieved Internet Shang of "parents open day" and remote video teaching. Let parents of students sitting at home will be able to view their children in learning fact sheet and teacher of the whole process, thereby increasing the parent's understanding of student life, enhance the transparency of school.

Second, design principles

This scheme, Philip Haifeng County high-tech engineering limited company in line with the following principles:

The project design guided by advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance, cost-saving principles. And considering construction, maintenance and operation, and for future development, expansion, reconstruction and other factors leave room for expansion. Design elements of the system is the systematic, integrated and comprehensive; design has the scientificity, reasonability and operability. It has the following principles:

1, advanced and applicable

Technical performance and quality indicators of the system should reach the international advanced level, while installation, programming and operation of the system should be simple and easy to grasp, suited to China's national conditions and characteristics of the project. Set the number of advanced technology in a the systems, reflects the current level of the latest development of computer and network technology, adapted to the requirements of the times. While the system is the system used for various management levels, its functions are configured to provide the user with comfortable, safe, fast and convenient for the guidelines, its operations should be simple and easy to learn.

2, economic and practical

Full account of user needs and the development trend of information technology, according to the user environment, design features, and suitable for field, meet user requirements, system configuration, through a combination of rigorous, organic, optimal price-performance ratio, in order to save investment, demand and ensure that the system functions implemented, economical and practical.

Third, the system functions and features

Systems as well as advanced, practical, proven, and reliable, but also open, good scalability of the system, taking into account the objective of reasonable investment, the best benefits. CCTV monitoring site set for centralized monitoring, control and management, safe, reliable and efficient operation of these devices, maximize intelligent management role to create a safe, healthy, comfortable and pleasant, and to improve the efficiency of a good environment and save energy, and reduce maintenance personnel. According to the project's environmental needs, and engagement functions set up closed-circuit television monitoring of this project,

1, the system has the following features:

CCTV main tasks is an important part of building things, flow dynamics, such as macro monitor and control the situation, to real-time evidence, review the various exceptions, the timely processing purposes.

A, time series, targeted for video signal switching, programming.

2, observe and record images, characters distinguish time (year, month, day) are displayed.

3, the receiving elevator floor signal.

4, synchronous switch: power synchronization or synchronization.

5, receive signals of each subsystem in the security system, and optionally implements control linkage or system integration.

6, internal and external communications.

Monitor TV for 7, security system and security alarm system linkage should be automatic switching, and display images, parts of the recorded alarm signal and the alarm time.

8, power control

Camera powered by the security control room in green uniform, and pass by the security control room operation, fault. Further away from the security control room cameras uniform supply difficulties can also be solved, if the synchronization is adopted, it must be reliable and security control rooms for the same power.

2, the system has the following characteristics:

H.264 compression technology

H.264 video coding standard is designed for high quality dynamic image compression in the design of low bit rate image compression standard. Common methods of encoding in H.264 video coding and intra coding and interframe coding coding process is divided into two parts. Improved DCT transform and quantization for PSV within the frame, frame with 1/2 pixel motion vector prediction technique, make more accurate motion compensation, quantized variable-length coding tables for improved (VLC) to measure the entropy encoded data, to get the final coding coefficients.

H.264 standard compression rate, CIF format real-time mode single channel occupied bandwidth is generally about hundreds of specific bandwidth depending on how many different pictures of exercise. Disadvantage is that picture quality is relatively poor, and bandwidth as the picture changes significantly the complexity of the movement.

In short, this CCTV is one of the projects is highly automated and efficient hospitality for a comfortable, convenient, and highly secure environment.

3, remote monitoring:

You work at home or during travel; no matter where you are, as long as they can connect to the INTENET network, will be able to monitor your factories, Office ... ... Installed the monitoring system of the site. The H.265 video stream uses the latest technology, allowing you to easily carry 24 can be monitored from anywhere.