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Dash Camera

Jan 04, 2021

In 2030, more than 30% of all European trucks will be zero-emission.” Quote from PEW strategy. Electrification of trucks indeed is the trend of next decades follow in the walk of e-car and e-bus.

The modern story of vehicle electrification started in the early 2010s . Nissan, Tesla and BMW are the trendsetter. Then, China react quickly, it only takes three years,China, from having virtually no electric bus sales to a market share of 30% in 2016(a whopping 130,000 units sold in one year) and became the leader in the e-bus race. European now is catching up with the plan reaching 30% truck zero-emission.

Safe-guarding environment is one way, safe-driving is the other way. Dash camera is and will continue be a good choice for fleet management in fuel and driver monitoring. And through data analysis, a perfect solution for fleet management can be made. 

Brvision’s new dash camera supporting G-sensor, platform monitoring. It also follows today’s trend, more convenient in size and more effective in storage.There’s one more thing worth mentioning, starlight level for night vision, other than H.265, reducing 60% of storage space than H.264 for the same video. Two cameras input, one for the road situation and the other for inside car, which makes driver behavior monitoring a possible option.

Fleet management is just one speciality for Brvision’s new dash camera. Parking guarding and real road situation recording are designed for end user. Our dash camera will never cut a slack for any malicious damage and will help you bring guys cause you any loss in justice.


If you want to upgrade your vehicle safety system, Brvision here at your service.