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How Mobile Digital Video Recorder Can Save Money And Improve The Efficiencies?

Dec 25, 2020

Running a fleet of commercial vehicles, logistic transportation are an expensive business, and if you’re looking to improve the efficiencies and cut costs generally, ensuring all your vehicles have a mobile digital video recorder on board may not seem like the obvious way to save money. However, evidence points to the contrary.


It’s a well-known fact that people tend to behave better when they’re being watched. When your drivers are out on the road, without a mobile digital video recorder, you have no control over the way they drive. Bad driving habits such as excessive acceleration, or constant braking demonstrating a lack of attention to the vehicle in front, put extra strain on your vehicle’s components, including brake pad and discs, axles, tyres and suspension. That will increase the maintenance cost of the vehicles. The ability of mobile digital video recorder is to monitor drivers means careless driving can be picked up, and further training given if necessary,to reduce the cost of wear and part replacement.

Mobile digital video recorder total solution with GPS tracking, you are also ensuring your employees are completing their journeys within the agreed timescales, with no extra stops on the way for personal reasons, or lingering over breaks. And if one driver regularly takes longer over a route than the others, then you have the evidence to investigate the reason. A visible camera will also lessen the likelihood of vandalism or theft of goods from parked vehicles.

Reducing insurance premiums is always near the top of the list for any fleet manager’s budget. It’s immensely time-consuming providing the paperwork and trying to prove a claim without any evidence, and insurance companies can be notoriously slow. The rise in cash-for-crash incidents and false claims can cost businesses millions of cost, but mobile digital video recorder can provide the reliable vedio footage for the event of an accident to cut down time spent sorting a claim and save you money.

Main features

 H.265 DVR with full 1080P in real time and super mini size

 HDD+1*SD Card ,Real time recording

 Anti-vibration 10G and anti-shock rating 100G 

 Wide voltage 9~40V,

 Support G-sensor

 Support RS232,RS485

 Support 2.5 inch HDD/SSD, maximum 4TB

 Support SD card storage, maximum 256GB

 Free software for Server and client end,playback software