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Mobile Digital Video Recorder BR-MDVR04

Mar 29, 2021

In 2020, BRvision expanded its R&D team to 20 people, and in November, BRvision developed a new MDVR and started selling it. This not only reflects the expansion of the company's scale of development, but also reflects our constant emphasis on the new needs of customers and the development of new market trends.

Our new BR-MDVR04 is with 4Ch H.265 Mobile Dvr Hdd 1080P, H.265 means, reducing 60% of storage space than H.264 for the same video, which will be a leading technology and selling point. In addition, the volume is less than the area of 2 mobile phones, which will also be favored by more and more customers.



We always continuously improve our products to meet customer needs and continue to develop.

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