National Grid Security Monitoring System Design Plan

A, project overview

National Grid security monitoring system includes: closed-circuit TV monitoring (CCTV) electrostatic systems, burglar alarm systems, perimeter alarm system.

Second, closed-circuit television monitoring system

Closed-circuit television monitoring system is a secondary security system monitored both within and outside the site to the national grid. It managers in the monitoring center can observe all important sites within the national grid. As in the import/export, leading to an outdoor door, side door, the main channel, such as cameras, factory to transfer images in real time to the monitoring center, the person on duty through the TV screen wall can always know where the key. Monitoring system in addition to normal monitoring role, after receiving the burglar alarm system of warning signals, can also be used for live video and recorded when site conditions, for later replay analysis.

Third, guard against theft and alarm system

Anti-theft alarm detector for alarm system is important for plant locations and regional deployment. It can detect illegal intrusion, timely warnings to the persons concerned. Anti-theft alarm system in addition to the above functions, there was once the alarm and immediately record the invasion of time, place, and person, and send a signal to the monitoring system, were recorded by the site conditions.

Four, system requirements

Security systems should be designed based on building use, owners of construction standards and requirements, and to implement the State has promulgated and implemented the relevant "standard", "standard", taking into account the cost savings, need to make full use of the national grid system and integrated use of information technology, computer network technology, security technology, and constitute advanced, reliable, and economical security system.

Five overall, system design principles

In order to improve design standards, ensuring design quality, complete the task of designing the fundamental guarantee. For this reason, design work, intended to adhere to the following guidelines:

1, using advanced, proven and practical techniques;

2, the system has the centralism unified management ability, for the company's modernization management greatly facilitated;

3, the system should be open, scalability, compatibility and flexibility;

4, system design and equipment selection, standardization and internationalization of standardization;

5, the system must have the security, reliability, fault-tolerant;

6, reasonable price-performance ratio.

Six-, design basis

Of the technical code for civil closed circuit television monitoring systems engineering GB50198/T75-94

Code for design of industrial enterprise communications

Of the security engineering process and require GA/T75-94

The security system of universal graphic symbols GA/T74-94

Of the security engineering cost budget method GA/T70-94

Code for electrical design of civil architecture of the JGJ/TI-92

The code for civil closed circuit monitoring TV system engineering technology GB50198-94

The intrusion detector series specification GB104081-89

General specifications for burglar alarm control unit GB50198-94

Erection works of electrical installations standard for construction and acceptance of GB50258-96

Code for electrical design of civil architecture of the JGJ/T16-92

China National electric equipment installation engineering code for construction and acceptance of GBJ232-82

IEEE Institute of electrical and electronics engineers--technical code for civil closed circuit monitoring TV system engineering

CCTRRECOMMENDATION472-3 TV system video index

ELA-422ELA-485 electrical standard

GA/T75-94 People's Republic of China public security industry standards

GBJ115-87 design code for industrial television system

Lightning protection for electronic equipment Guide for GB7450-87

Seven, system design

1, closed-circuit television monitoring system

Closed-circuit television monitoring system, also known as CCTV (close circuit television). It includes:

Camera front-end devices, including all types of cameras, fixed-focus or zoom zoom lens, HD camera, achieving the head up and down movement and rotation of the camera scanning, protection of camera and lens hood, decoder to receive and execute commands, and so on.

A, transmission parts

Video image transmission to a host has coaxial cable, fiber optic cable lines, such as cable or network transmission mode and the transmitter, receiver, wireless transmission channel.

Part b, control

CCTV monitoring system host also called hard disk recorded camera, except received transmission to of more road video image and by need switch to specified of all monitor available watch outside, also can on front-end device implementation cloud Taiwan upper and lower looking up, and around rotating movement; on lens aperture, and focused and variable times for regulation control; on cloud Taiwan movement and lens set for by pre reset bit fast positioning; implementation camera set date or set time tour scan, control operation action; started Shi delay type or real-time on video image for video records; access video information And systems of all operation records and print archive; received by video motion detection or after conventional sensor generates an alarm signal, automatically switching the display image to create alarm images, and record stores. These features constitute CCTV host diverse and different performance level, has also become the main criterion for evaluating product features, is composed of a core of the closed-circuit television monitoring system.

C, display and recording

Back-end equipment for imaging devices, including video monitors, digital video recorders and related control equipment.

2, guard against theft and alarm system

A, guard against theft and alarm system include:

B, signal source

Burglar alarm systems, rational layout of the detection sensors to monitor parts is one of the key, typically using infrared, microwave, ultrasonic and induction, optical block, the sound of breaking glass and the frequency and vibration, video, image and other physical methods, is to generate alarm signal source.

C the transmission system

Routes of transmission include the detector to alarm transmission, the total address encoding detector with two bus transfers to the host and the host decoding mode, or long distance transmission by wireless and other different channels.

D, alarm alarm and countermeasure

In received alarm signal Hou, will to zone segmentation of form and displayed alarm location, out corresponding zone parts of electronic map, to tips on the zone take police sent measures, including monitored the zone of camera image, and through listens the zone of voice information on alarm signal of correctness for review, necessary Shi also needed will review Hou of alarm signal through phone, and fax, and LAN to regional alert monitored network upload.

Eight, design

From national grid floor plans and site survey are analyzed, focusing on prevention in three main entrance gate and main channel, electric power control room, spare parts warehouse.

From a security standpoint, the factory itself has a "civil defense" system, such as security personnel, "civil defense" and "def" combined, bring into play their respective advantages. Build a better security monitoring system.

Nine, works to implement the following function:

1, computer graphics with high resolution, low distortion applications can accurately distinguish.

2, the monitoring center can plant all of the images in real time, and through a local area network can be monitored in real time.

3, can be easily implemented on your computer the camera pan and tilt and lens control pan to 350-degree, vertical 90 degrees pan, automatic aperture.

4, can achieve a powerful multi-level map feature on the map can be easily on camera, alarm input and output processing.

5, monitoring system offers a variety of transitions and priority

Image, signal 6, linkage, sampling, editing, transmitting, and auto launch alarm screen.

7, monitoring centres to control recording and alarm recording.

8, through the existing LAN, leaders in his Office to monitor the situation, and has good control effect.

Rooms have central air conditioning to maintain a constant temperature in the monitoring center, the indoor temperature is maintained at 18~25℃, humidity at around 40%~80%, monitor computer room floor is air defense of static floor, while all of the equipment in the engine room uses the same set of grounding, grounding resistance less than 4 ω. Room for each unit of charge made cameras and equipment provide 220VAC power supply, controlled by the console air switch on the power strip, UPS uninterruptible power supply of the computer room equipped with 3KW2H, with integrated wiring RJ45 socket of the engine room. Control all of your power by monitoring center.