Port Security Monitoring System Solutions

Application, System overview

With the spread of urbanization and development, traffic has become a persistent problem in China. To address these problems, Ministry to speed up the construction of information network platform, deepening of the information construction of water traffic, are gradually turning to the use of network and computer centralize management, production, sales, logistics, after-sales service and other important aspects of large amounts of data.

In order to better protect the safety of property belonging to the passengers and bus, according to the actual port monitoring needs, generally in the surrounding, gate, waiting room, warehouse, room, parking and other key parts to install cameras. Monitoring system will video image monitoring, real-time monitored, variety picture segmentation, more picture segmentation displayed, cloud Taiwan lens control, print, function organic combined of new monitoring system, while monitoring host automatically will alarm picture records, do timely processing, improve has defend personnel of efficiency and can timely processing police love, can effective of protection passenger property and staff of security, maximum degree of prevention various invasion, improve processing various burst event of reflect speed, to defend personnel provides a good of work environment, Ensure the safety of the port.

Implementation of video surveillance systems in the ports, security can be achieved in the surrounding, gate, waiting room, warehouse, room, parking and other targets are round-the-clock video surveillance, peripheral, gate, waiting room, warehouse, room, parking area within the main channel, such as ground monitoring.

Recording the video for security reference

Safety rules for the effective assurance of mobile field operations

Port perimeter wall guard

Can clearly observe vehicles going into the details of the

Gate movement can be monitored

In order to meet the social and economic development and high standards of civilized life, creating a safe, comfortable, warm, efficient traffic environment, and according to the needs of different habits, starting from the port's actual, reasonable, there is room for extensions, advanced technology, high performance-price ratio, quality ensure system performance, and high reliability. According to the port's documentation of the programme, and in accordance with their practical needs, with reference to the relevant international standards and national standards, combined with our experience accumulated by companies engaged in more than one port, developed the technology package. If the contents or any other aspect of the programme has not detailed where we welcome your valuable comments.

Second, system design goals

When in closed-circuit surveillance system design, in accordance with the basic needs of your organization to the system, the spirit of reasonable structure, reliable security, product mainstream, low cost, low maintenance as the starting point, and for your unit to provide advanced, safe, reliable and efficient systems solutions.

Reasonable structure: that is to use advanced technology to architecture, safe and smooth operation of the whole system, and extended conditions for future good.

Stability and security: this is your organization most concerned about the issue, only the stable operation of the system, to ensure that your organization closed-circuit monitoring system running smoothly. Technical advance is a guarantee of high performance systems and base, and can effectively reduce the use and system maintenance personnel troubles. Good scalability is to the user's development into account. With the growth of your security system, requirements for security systems will be higher in the future. Scalability, ensure that when users have more requirements, introducing new devices can be well equipped with this device work together to further expand and improve system performance.

Mainstream products: If the system used in today's mainstream products, related to the overall quality of the system and the future can get good technical support, as well as complete technical documentation.

Equipment selection, we will be mainly based on your organization's specific needs, taking into account product manufacturers of advanced technology, whether the product is a mainstream product, the integrity of the original manufacturer's data sheets, manufacturing unit original manufacturer's technical support and product development prospects. All of these are conditions to ensure users get good technical support and guarantee the basic conditions of investment.

Low-cost low maintenance: refers to strive to have a good price/performance ratio, the products should be simple, easy operation, easy maintenance and high reliability.

If the system has an excellent price-performance ratio is an important basis for judging a system condition. System is easy to use good operation and ease of maintenance is to ensure that a system condition. Basic requirements of high reliability is guaranteed system operation, is easy to maintain protection.

We will adhere to the above principles, to design your organization closed-circuit monitoring system. And strictly in accordance with international practice and with the unit's technology and engineering experience for your monitoring system installation, testing, and acceptance of the whole project, when completed, will also submit projects related to the installation of each device using manual, and various charts, such as the documentation of the system, according to user's actual needs for technical training and recommendation of the paid services.

Three principles, system design, based on

The design of the main implementation of the "high quality" and "low cost" two lines for design.

Based on your overall design, fully taking into account the situation, using the high definition professional IR color camera color camera, video transmission using interference high shielded coaxial cable, ensure the accurate transmission of video signal; the central control system using digital hard disk recorder, loop recording can be achieved, and retrieves the playback.

1, advanced

The availability of investment costs, system used in today's advanced technology and equipment, shows the advanced level on the one hand, and the system has a strong potential for development, so that the system as far as possible time compatible with social development.

2, reliability

Most important is the reliability of the system, once paralyzed the consequences will be unimaginable, so the system must be reliable and continuous operation, system design cost to accept conditions, the system structure, equipment selection, supplier of technical services and maintenance response capability should be strict with all aspects, making failure less likely to occur. Even when there is a failure, and the impact is as small as possible.

3, security

For the security system, its own security cannot be ignored, system design, measures must be taken to prevent this illegal destruction of various forms and channels.

4, expandability

System design should fully take into account the future development needs, should have the preliminary capacity expansion and upgrade of the system.

5, standard

Because the system is a tightly integrated systems, system design and construction process with reference to all aspects of the standards and norms, strictly complying with the technical regulations, standardization of design and construction of the system.

Proceed from reality in everything, making intelligent systems have high practical efficiency. It's intelligent video in today's rapid rise and development of the key.

Four, overall design

1, design overview

Closed-circuit television monitoring system should say is interdisciplinary and cross-industry engineering, functional requirements can be divided into the following areas:

A, the front camera systems

B, video transmission system

C signal control system

D, video display and recording system

E, video recording system

Front part of the camera part television monitoring system, is the entire system of "eyes", which changed the contents of image signal monitoring, transmission control center monitor, camera parts and its image quality will affect the quality of the system as a whole. Image signal transmission part is the system channel. Show parts is generally made up of several or more monitors, its function is to transmit the images one by one are displayed.

Part 2, camera

Camera part is usually installed at the monitoring site, it includes cameras, lenses, shield, bracket and Yun Tai, and so on.

Five functional description, design

1, performance, advanced features

Equipment selection to ensure that advanced technology, reliable performance, simple, practical, easy to maintain, and best cost performance, and extend leeway. Devices use leading-edge technology and production process.

2, TV surveillance system is fully functional

Through security monitoring system to keep track of personnel activities within the monitoring area, check the security of all key parts, found hidden in advance and deal with emergencies. And the video automatically. Under normal conditions on a 24-hour video recorded information when queries.

3, high reliability

Monitor the latest technology in the industry and high quality equipment.

4, operation is simple and practical

By using high-tech methods, intelligent design, minimizing the complexity of system operation. And as the system is stable and reliable, easy to maintain.

5, development

System when the preliminary design, consider a better development in the future in order to reduce the cost of future development, the system is sustainable.

6, economy

On the premise of meet the requirements of security level, ensure that the system is stable and reliable, on the basis of good performance, taking into account the advanced system at the same time, select on demand systems and equipment, reasonable and practical, cost reduction, so as to achieve a very high ratio of performance and price, reduce the safety management of school operational costs.

7, looks beautiful

Front-end device is installed to take into account security and concealment and aesthetics, based on the principles of practical and beautiful, we chose appearance technology and stable performance are better security products.