Rail Transit Monitoring System Solutions

A demand analysis

In recent years, with increasing urbanization, traffic problems have become urgent problems to be solved in the major cities, and the successful experience of big cities around the world told us: subway and light rail is to solve the urban traffic tension, public transport difficulties, serious problems such as environmental pollution by cars the effective mode of transportation. Automatic system of urban rail transit is an important component of rail transit, to enhance their operational level plays a vital role. Automatic system of urban rail transit Central scheduling usually requires, set displays operational status, which naturally includes the application of large-screen display system, which bears the primary control system, monitoring system of computer, network, video signal displayed, used in railways, subways, light rail, railway, high speed magnetic levitation train system, control room. This application has one thing in common: that involves scheduling, information display.

Second, functional requirements

In order to meet the transport needs of integrated service applications, built with advanced, convenient and flexible display system, this DID liquid crystal display technology as the core system, the main role is to monitor video, computer text, image signal digital control and display. Implementation of system images, text, images, animations and video (DVD, VCD, RMVB) information display, form a set of functions, advanced technology and integrated information display system, and to provide an interactive and flexible system to meet the needs of evolving multimedia display.

Third, the system functions

Of 1, network signal display

Connected over a network, make the signal more flexibility, network computer images on the big screen anywhere, any proportion quickly displayed; no limit to the number of computer workstations, future expansion will be displayed on the wall of a computer can be linked into a network.

2, various types of mixed signal display

Common multi-screen processor to have ultra high resolution mosaic of computer graphics signals, video signals and RGB signals across a screen and different types of signals display functions, any signal can be any window narrowed, enlarged, cross-screen or full-screen display.

3, full screen, high resolution applications

Can put the entire wall as a unified logical screen to display a higher resolution image screen, achieving full screen and resolution of the overlay, for example system diagram showing ultra high resolution.

4, RGB, video signals through displaying

Through magnification. Configure this display unit supports full non-destructive image processing card 1080p, 1080i, 720p and other various high definition video formats, you can directly enter playback HDTV, EVD, HD-DVD, HD DVR and other high definition video signals. Í 2, 2 í n (2 í by Visionlink Super signal processing and display unit configuration, multi-channel RGB, video signals can be, in either single or whole screen across the full screen display.

5 display, multiple video signals

Supports all standard video input signals, video surveillance, information, video cameras, video cassette recorders, DVD players, color video signal source such as projector can access common multi-screen processor, after general image processing, signal the window anywhere in the projection on the wall in the form of enlarged, reduced, moved across the screen, etc.