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Rear View Safety’s 4CH H.265 DVR

Dec 21, 2020


Rear View Safety’s MobileMule 1080 Mobile DVR and Camera Series is designed for enhanced driver vision and liability protection, with high-resolution footage that provides video evidence of any incidents and also can be used for driver training.

The BRvision DVR has been crafted to function as a highly reliable and technically sound, video recorder. It is a highly configurable unit, offering maximum flexibility, ensuring it can be a system for all vehicles and requirements.

It’s compact size means it can be installed in even small cars and the wiring is kept neat and hidden behind our tamper proof locking case.

The BRvision DVR is provided in a 4 camera, or 8 camera model. With a maximum storage of 2TB, using either an SD card, or our preferred storage medium, a Solid State Drive. Both of which are protected behind a slim fitting, lockable case.

It comes with a built-in GPS module and the option of a fully connected 4G module. With the latter we can provide access to our Fleet Witness Live tracking and video telematics portal.

Mostly improtant, the DVR is with H.265 Compression standard, which means it use less storage and less time to pack the videos details.

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