Video Conference Camera And Tracking System

1. Classification and composition

Video camera system is divided into the venue of the Conference camera and tracking camera. Usually from image acquisition, image transmission, image processing and image displaying components, image acquisition by video conference camera, codec, frame and other components. Image transmission parts can be made up of transmission lines. Image processing part can be controlled by video splitter, video switch, host (software), control the keyboard and so on. Shows part of the image can be composed from a variety of display devices.

2. Video conference camera requirements

(L) the tracking camera with preset functions, preset number should be greater than the number of speakers.

When the preset position is less than the number of speakers, can be extended by an external controller;; keyboard, camera linkage controller. Each unit of the Conference of a statement function requires a preset position, PTZ camera positioning information is stored. Or only for part of the meeting, such as podium meetings of unit, set up presets. If no statement or personal speakers speak Conference camera for panoramic images.

(2) video conference camera lens should be set according to the camera monitors the area designed to use Prime lenses or zoom lenses.

(3) video conference camera lens with Aperture automatic adjustment function.

(4) simulation of horizontal resolution black and white cameras should not be less than 570 lines, not be less than 480 lines horizontal resolution color camera.

(5) standard definition digital video conference camera horizontal and vertical sharpness level should not be less than 450 cashmere, high-definition digital video conference camera clarity should not be less than 720 lines horizontally and vertically. For highest level of 100 tracking camera pan/tilt speed of revolution should not be less than 260 degrees per second, vertical maximum speed should not be lower than lOO degrees per second.

(6) video conferencing camera yuntai low-noise product should be selected.

(7) video conference camera pan/tilt s/n ratio should not be less than 50dB.

(8) minimum illumination video conference cameras should not be greater than 1. OLUX。

(9) the PTZ camera presets is called bias should not be greater than o. 1.

(10) when the speaker microphone is turned on, camera tracking cameras should be automatically tracked speaker of the Conference, and acting af zoom, video display device, shows the speaker image.

(11) the system should be powered down, automatic memory function.

(12) video conference camera system control software using video camera preset position setting with the correspondence between elements of the Conference.

3. System requirements for equipment

(1) video converter should be selected in accordance with the following provisions:

① number of video input/output channel should satisfy the needs and 20% should be set aside for redundancies and can realize logic matrix function.

II support the universal communication protocol to connect control high speed PTZ camera.

③ suitable video signal line functions, composite video, s-video signals can be converted to high quality VGA signal.

About appropriate toilet surface still, freeze and synchronous switching function.

⑤ suitable for screen Word Fu Mianshi function at doll shows information such as the name of preset.

⑥ Video Switcher, random amplitude-frequency characteristics of Qian to noise ratio, differential gain and differential phase should comply with the norms of the 8th. 4.8 of the regulations.

(2) Pan/Tilt Camera selection shall satisfy the following requirements:

① video conference camera resolution display resolution should be higher than the system requirements.

② vision with preset functions.

③ suitable optical zoom and digital zoom.

II should have the iris auto adjustment function.

⑤ support PAL and NTSC video signal.