Water System Security Monitoring System Solutions

First, System overview

1, an overview

In recent years, with the development of electronic technology, the wave of information technology is impacting and changing people's way of thinking, working and social fields.

For vigorously advance this items engineering of modern, and intelligent of, and scientific, with hi-tech means further strengthening and guarantee this items engineering of the work, we according to tender file of requirements, in high standard, and quality, improve products of performance price than; in design Shang full reflected builders of intent, and consider to future using who of maintenance, and using, and maintenance of convenient sex, combined water system monitoring site survey results, to company years systems engineering experience, design has security prevention system of general programme.

2, the construction of purpose

Water system security video monitoring engineering including in Lake, and river, and dam, and important places, at installation monitoring camera, composition digital network monitoring system, put different source, and different format, and different control way of simulation video or digital video integrated in a unified of platform Shang, used distributed concentrated management of control mode for management and control, achieved all video monitoring system of network, and digital, and and gradually development intelligent of, formed unified coordination of dynamic video command system.

3, basic ideas

Use multimedia technologies, audio and video technology, modern communications technology, automatic control technology, form a multifunctional and integrated intelligent monitoring and control system.

Designed to let the water system monitoring security systems of advanced, when in practice but also in economic, practical, reasonable, reliable principle to configure system hardware and software, and the configuration of hardware and software should be modular, open architecture for future expansion.

Second, the system description

1, design basis

GA/T75-94 of the security engineering process and requirements

GA/T74-94 of the security system common graphical symbols

GB50198-94 the code for civil closed circuit monitoring TV system engineering technology

JGJ/T16-92 the code for electrical design of civil buildings

The building weak current engineering design manual

2, design principles

In the design of the entire system, we are guided by advanced technology, systems, structure reasonable, mainstream product, low cost, low maintenance as the starting point.

A, technology advancement: selection and configuration of hardware and software equipment of the entire system are in line with the trend of high-tech, key digital video, compression, decompression, stream, transmit using engineering technologies and products are widely used in the construction. In the premise of meeting the functional and system design is advanced, and maintain advanced for some time in the future.

B, structure reasonable: using advanced technology to structure each subsystem is stable and reliable system so that it can run safely and smoothly, effectively eliminate possible bottlenecks of each subsystem, use suitable equipment to ensure that the subsystem has good scalability. Stability and security is what we are most concerned about the issue, only system to ensure that all equipment is functioning only good data sharing, real-time failover, to form a complete management system such as real-time backups.

C, mainstream products: equipment selection, based on the actual situation of the city combined with the current high market share in China of all kinds of products with the best price-performance ratio and expansion capabilities of the product.

D, low cost, low maintenance: the design system and product should be simple, practical, easy to operate, easy to maintain. Easy operation and ease of maintenance of the system is to ensure that non-computer professionals use this system conditions.

E, centralized management: front end equipment, focused on the center of each subsystem controls, implemented on all remote control devices, settings, to ensure that the system is efficient, orderly and reliable discharge its administrative functions.

Third, the system design

CCTV's main function is to monitor the actual scene. It managers can observe all important stations in the control room, will monitor the area to transfer images in real time to the Management Center, officer on duty by the master monitor can be kept informed of these important places.